School Policies

Parents should call or text the Program Coordinator before 11:00 a.m. if a child will not attend the after-school program on a regularly scheduled day. If your child attends clubs or other afternoon activities, please give your program coordinator written notification so the child will not be expected in after school on those days. If you fail to communicate us any notice, you will have to pay $30.

Bathroom Accidents/Procedure Policy
Staff will accompany 1st graders and KG children to the bathroom. For all children in 2nd grade or above, a bathroom buddy policy is in place (the children will go in pairs). Unlike most kindergarten classrooms we do not have constant access to the bathroom. Children are given scheduled group bathroom breaks and individual ones when requested. All children entering school and the After School Program are assumed to be potty trained. For Kinder garden students please bring extra clothing in the cupboard ( Just in case of accidents).

Behavior Management
Children are expected to comply with all regular school rules and regulations in addition to the Behavior Management Policy. Discipline will be handled by the program coordinator.
A parent is required to sign a copy of the Behavior Management Policy for each child at the time of enrollment. A parent is also required to sign the Behavior Notice at the time a child’s behavior is inappropriate. However, a parent’s refusal to sign a Behavior Notice does not excuse the inappropriate behavior of a child and it does not prevent dismissal of the child if behavior warrants dismissal.

Opportunity is given for children to work on school or any other homework during after school time. However, it is not the responsibility of the After School Program to ensure that a child’s homework is completed or correct. If the parent wants us to check the file which we provided, the parent has to give the permission to check the child’s school bag for school homework.

If a child has symptoms of illness or signs of a communicable disease, he/she will be isolated from the other children while the parents are contacted and asked to pick up the child within an hour of notification. If you pick the your child from school, you should inform the Program Coordinator immediately failing which you have to pay $20. Any contagious illness may require a doctor’s note for re-admission. Staff is expected to instruct children on State Regulations for washing hands as posted at each site in an effort to reduce contagious illness. A child who is absent from school during the school day or who has been picked up due to illness may not attend the After School Program that day.

The After School Program does not provide accident insurance. All students must be covered by a personal policy held by parents. An insurance waiver that is included on the application must be signed and returned to the program coordinator at the time of registration, along with a copy of the child health insurance card, before a child can attend the After School Program.

Medical Emergencies
In the event of a medical emergency that cannot be handled by the program coordinator or someone in charge, Physician and hospital preference will be taken directly from the application completed at time of enrollment. Then people will be contacted in the following order: Parent or Guardian or Emergency Contact Person; After School Central Services. It is imperative that each parent provide to the program coordinator current contact numbers, physician and hospital preferences, and place of employment. In case of a serious emergency Sun Academy has the right to call for an ambulance.

Medication Administration
Should it be necessary for your child to receive medication at the After School Program, the procedure is as follows:

  • The parent must complete the Medication Administration Consent Form.
  • Medicine must be brought in the original container.
  • The child’s name must be on the container.
  • The parent must provide clear and concise written directions for administration of medication to the program coordinator; directions should not be brought in by the child or given to any other ASP employee.
  • The After School staff will not administer medication without written authorization.

Parent/Guardian under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol
After School Program staff cannot release a child to a person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The group leader will contact the program coordinator if this occasion arises. The program coordinator will notify emergency individuals listed on the application form to arrange a safe ride home for the child and parent. If the parent/guardian does not cooperate and insists on removing a child from the program, the after school staff will call proper authorities.

Parents, Relationship with Child Care
Parents are welcome in our program at any time. Staff will share brief information about a child’s day with family members on a regular basis, if this can be done without interrupting supervision of other children. Arrangements can be made for lengthier discussion at a mutually agreeable time for parents and staff. Staff members are to handle problems or issues with parents in a courteous, professional manner. Parents are encouraged to offer constructive suggestions and ideas.

We are not responsible for and discourage any private agreements between parents and staff members concerning rides home or after-hour child care arrangements.

Staff/child ratio varies based on age group and SACERS rating:

Sign In/Out Procedure
Staff members will sign in the students in the van. Parents must sign out with the date and time for their child each day. On workdays and for summer day camps, parents are required to sign in their child in the morning and sign out in the afternoon. Children are not to be dropped off; a parent should accompany the child into the building and must pick the child up from Sun Academy.

A child will be released only to the person(s) (minimum 16 years of age) designated by the parent/guardian on the enrollment form. Once a child is signed out by a parent/guardian the After School Program is no longer responsible for that child. According to the State Daycare Consultant, children are not allowed to leave during after school hours from any area (classroom, playground, cafeteria, etc.) where a teacher directly supervises them unless an adult can physically walk that child to another area. After School teachers have more than one individual child in their care at any given time and must have someone else come and get the child. Failure to properly sign in or out could result in incorrect fees being charged, and repeated failure to properly sign in and out may result in dismissal.

If a child is to be released to someone not listed on the application, the program coordinator must be notified. Staff will require identification from any unfamiliar person who arrives to pick up a child. A program coordinator may call the parent to verify any written or verbal authorizations to release a child to someone else.

Weather/Emergency Closings
The decision to close schools, calendar changes/make up or to delay opening will be made by Sun Academy personnel no later than 6:30 a.m. and will be communicated to local radio and television stations. If possible, the decision will be made the evening before the closing or delay. If no announcement is made on area radio or television stations, parents may assume that schools will operate on a normal schedule and the After School Program will operate on normal schedule.

Weather conditions sometimes worsen during the day after children have arrived at school. If early dismissal is necessary, local radio and television stations will make the announcements. If school is closed or dismissed early because of weather conditions, the After School Program will not operate that day. If the school calendar changes, rates or credits will be adjusted to reflect changes.

If the school is dismissed during the school day, the After School Program will not operate. Your child’s classroom teacher must be provided with the name and phone number of the person to contact.

If the school is closed due to inclement weather, the After School Program will be closed. Fees will be prorated for any days missed due to inclement weather.

If the weather becomes hazardous after 3:00 p.m., parents are encouraged to pick up children within one hour of notification.

When school closes early due to extremely hot weather, after school care will be provided from the time school closes until 6:00 p.m., unless conditions are deemed unbearable. In that event, parents/guardians will be called to pick up children within one hour of notification.

Withdrawal from the Program
As a courtesy, the program coordinator should be notified 30 days prior to the date a child is to be withdrawn. Failure to do so will result in tuition being charged for the whole month.

Year-End Tax Statements/Reimbursement Requests
As a courtesy to our parents, year-end tax statements will be produced by January 31 for all families with accounts in good standing. The statement will be in the name of the person who enrolls the children. Statements for active families will be sent to the current site. Statements for inactive families will be available at the site that the child attended.

Sun Academy makes no promises or warranties with regard to a student’s performance as a result of any guidance and tutoring provided.

Outdoor Activity
I agree to my child taking part in the outdoor activity sessions like parks, libraries, Malls, Movie theatre, bowling, OMSI, ZOO, entertainment places, museums etc., being organized by Sun Academy.

As the parent or guardian of the child, I recognize that too much sunlight may increase my child’s risk of getting skin cancer someday. Therefore, I give permission for the staff to apply sunscreen product.

Sun Academy uses its own vans for transportation of children from school. The vans are driven by our own staff for optimum safety. Parents are responsible for all other transportation including travel from facility to home. In event of inclement weather or emergencies, the parents or registered guardians are responsible for all transportation. Sun Academy will not provide pick-up services in such conditions.