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Sun Academy

Sun Academy is a preschool and after-school care program in Portland, OR, USA. It is run by a founder who is a dedicated educationist and a hard worker. Initially, this school was started for the kids of the founder and his friends in 2013. But, as a result of continuous innovation and qualitative approach, the seats are full throughout the year.  Now, we are proud to say that the Sun Academy is one of the leading after school care programs in Portland.

At Sun Academy, we have developed education-oriented programs. This acts as a complimentary for child’s school education. Kids after school, usually spend a lot of time on mobile, watching TVs or playing video games.  Many after school cares don’t support study approach. But we, with our well researched academic, we strive to make every day a learning day, filled with new and wonderful experiences to help young learners find what interests and inspire them.

In the scenario, where both the parents work in the office it is extremely difficult for them to focus on child’s education. So, we take care of all those requirements and want kids to spend some quality time with parents at home.

  • We give special training for ITBS and CogAT. We do our best to the students to get selected into SUMMA program.
  • We also train them for Math Kangaroo, Spell Bee, Math Bee competitions.
  • Our results show 95 percent success rate in SUMMA program


23000 sq. ft. of self-owned area for sports.
Professional teachers and supervisors.
Math, English, Music, Dance, Meditation, Gardening, Sports.
Fully functional computer lab with restricted internet.
Latest security features.
Organic Food.
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